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Greenville Steel Steel Fencing Products
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Cattle Guards, Fencing and Cable for Ranches, Farms and More: Greenville Steel, your Steel Fence Supplier

They say good fences make good neighbors, and your neighbors will appreciate an attractive, durable fence that keeps your pets and livestock on your property where they belong. And so will you! At Greenville Steel, we're experts in handling projects of all sizes and complexities. So, whether you've got a massive cattle ranch in need of new fencing, or just a small residential project, Greenville Steel is the place to go for all the materials you need. Give us a call to ask about our inventory, speak with one of our project experts and get the steel fencing you need at a price you'll love.

Fencing Types

For wire livestock fencing, we've got durable steel T-posts and spools of wire and cable. If you've got some vertically-gifted horses to keep tabs on, no-climb horse fencing is available. And for small corrals and places where you need a stronger and more attractive solution, continuous steel fencing provides a clean look and long-lasting durability.

Cattle Guards and Gates

Of course, your fence isn't any good if you can't control who gets past it with a system of gates. We offer gates in a variety of sizes from 8' to 16'. And if you've got roads cutting through your fence, cattle guards will allow you to drive a vehicle straight over the guard while preventing livestock from crossing it -- without any gates at all. That means no more climbing out of the truck to manually open a gate.

Who We Are: Greenville Steel just East of DFW

Greenville Steel combines the resources and inventory of a national steel supplier with the personal touch and friendly service of a family owned-business. Because that's exactly who we are. We're both one of the largest steel suppliers in the region and a proud fixture of the local community. From our location here in North Texas, we can serve the structural steel, secondary steel and ornamental wrought iron you need for your project, plus all the tools and gear you need to get the job done. Give us a call and see why our customers continue to rely on Greenville Steel for the steel and accessories they require.

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